Introduction: Arduino Bluetooth Controlled LED

This instructable teaches you how to control an LED using Bluetooth through an application on an android device. Materials needed: Arduino Uno Board, an LED, an Android device, Arduino Bluetooth application, Arduino Bluetooth module.

Step 1: Connect LED to Arduino and Bluetooth

First, set up the breadboard circuit with LED you want to control. Connect the RX (Pin 0) on the Arduino to TX on the Bluetooth module. Then, TX (Pin 1) on Arduino to RX on the Bluetooth module. Then 5V to VCC from Arduino to the Bluetooth module. Finally, GND to GND on the Arduino and Bluetooth module. Then, connect the negative side of the LED to GND of the Arduino and the positive side to pin 13 with a resistor (220Ω – 1KΩ).

Step 2: Download Bluetooth Application and Set It Up

Next, download the "Arduino Bluetooth Controller" application off the Google Play store on an Android device. After installing this app, open it up and follow all the instructions given on the app. After that the Bluetooth is set up and you just need to connect to the Bluetooth module (HC-06) by entering the password 1234 or 0000 when connecting.

Step 3: Set Up the Program