Introduction: Arduino Bluetooth RC Car

This project is about a car that is controlled via Bluetooth.

Step 1: Collecting the Items Required


  • (1 )Arduino UNO
  • (1) Arduino Motor Shield (Funduino)
  • (1) HC-05 Bluetooth module (Slave)
  • Jumper Wires
  • (2) Robot Wheels
  • (1) omni Wheel
  • (1) Base to mount the parts (in my case i have got a wood plank 10.5cmx14cm)
  • (1) relay sheild or my relay circuit (link below)
  • 12v power source

Step 2: Assembling the Components

Now that we have all the components we connect the motor shield to the Arduino.I did a small trick to connect the RX and TX pin to the motor shield because mine didn't have female pin headers. I took two small female pin headers and soldered to my motor shield.

Next we have to mount the Arduino to the base of the car then mount the motor sheild on top of it. Next mount the Bluetooth module on the base remembering the Vcc,GND,RX and TX pins by noting it down.

Next mount the omni wheel onto the base and the dc motor robot wheels too.

Then connect the dc motors to the M1 and M2 ports of the motor shield.

Thereafter connect the RX pin in the module to the TX pin of Arduino and TX pin of module to RX pin of Arduino.

Lastly connect the relay circuit i made to digital pin 6 so that we can switch on the front light via Bluetooth.

Step 3: Coding and the Android Apk

Before uploading the code remove the 5v or RX and TX pins from the arduino which is connected to the Bluetooth module because there would be problems in uploading the code if not.

Go to play store and download the "Arduino Bluetooth RC Car" apk or scan the Qr code to download easily and install it switch on the car and connect the module using 1234 as the password