Introduction: Arduino Bluetooth RC Car W/ Electronic Braking System

This is how to make an RC car for around 40$(27$ w/ uno clone).

Step 1: Parts

1. An Arduino Uno(from Amazon), Micro, Mega, Duo, or Leonardo.($5.99 Uno clone)

2. Robot platform.

3. L298n Motor driver.

4. Hc-06 bluetooth module.

5. 9v battery.

6. 9v battery holder.

7.Android device.


Arduino IDE

Arduino Bluetooth RC Car

Step 2: Programing

Here is the code:

Step 3: App

The app is simple, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, UPRIGHT etc. ,also a slider. Arduino Bluetooth RC Car website.

Requires Android

2.3.3 and up.

Step 4: Wiring

Wire the robot as above, then it should be ready.

Thank you for reading.

Have fun!

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