Introduction: Arduino Bluetooth Robot Face

This is a very basic design of a robot face made of 2 OLED's and a servo controlled over bluetooth from a smartphone. I am working on a robot and i wanted develop a simple start of controlling they facial features. i added the bluetooth to see the different features at the push of a button. With this instructable you will get a very basic view of a simple way to do this and a good platform to build from for your own future projects. This is my first tutorial so its probably going to suck but ask any questions you would like in the comments. Also i am fairly new to the world of electronics so if my stuff is jacked up please let me know thanks.

and yes this is my bed save the comments

Step 1: Parts You Will Need

1: arduino uno

2: 128x64 OLED

1: Servo

1: h2-06 rs232 bluetooth transiever

male breadboard pins

bread board

power supply (i used ELEGO 5v/3.3v regulator)


Arduino ide

BlueTerm android app

Step 2: Wire It Up

sorry no fancy pictures of the diagram but...

for the OLED's:

SCL to A5

SDA to A4

VCC to 3.3v

GND to ground

for the SERVO:

Brown wire to ground

Red wire to VCC

Yellow wire to arduion PWM 3

for Bluetooth:

VCC to 3.3 volt

GND to ground

RX to arduion TX

TX to arduino RX (disconnect rx and tx while uploading code to arduino)

Step 3: The Code

Feel free to play around with the code like i said before this is a simple preview of what is possible. aslo check out other codes for the OLED's to give add different eyes and gestures like rolling eyes or mad eyes.

once the code is uploaded and the app is installed you can connect to the bluetooth device if you are asked for a passwordit is 1234.

pushing a 0 on the app will give you the instructions you need to make the head move and eyes blink(only thing i have included in this tutorial). it is possible to add another servo for an additional axis on the robot. also share what you have made in the comment below, i will be updating this post as i progress myself.

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