Arduino Bluetooth Shield for Wireless Programing and Data Monitoring - Jetpack

Introduction: Arduino Bluetooth Shield for Wireless Programing and Data Monitoring - Jetpack

Wouldn't it be wonderful to program your Arduino wirelessly? All of us know how annoying it is to have to plug in your Arduino project into a computer every time we have to upload a sketch, debug or read some information over serial monitor. Just imagine a project with lots of sensors and you need to unplug everything just to reprogram your Arduino.

Jetpack is a Bluetooth and motor driver shield to program Arduino wirelessly. We thought real time data monitoring would be an interesting application so we have a designed a temperature monitoring system here, you can read the data with a temperature probe and you can plot it in real time with the processing software

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Things required:


  • Arduino
  • Jetpack buetooth Shield
  • DS18B20 temperature sensor(or any sensor that you want to monitor)
  • 4.7k resistor


  • Arduino IDE
  • Processing software

If you want this shield we are live on kickstarter

Step 1: Connect Your Temperature Sensor As Shown

Mount jetpack shield onto Arduino board and connect the temperature sensor

Step 2: Turn on Your System's Bluetooth and Pair It With Jetpack

Click on "pair" with unknown device which shows up on the Bluetooth discovery list

Step 3: Enter the Password and Press Next

The default password is '1234'

Step 4: Open Bluetooth Setting From the Bottom Right of Your Task Bar

Right click on the Bluetooth icon on the task bar, click on ''settings"

Step 5: Find Out Your "Outgoing COM Port" by Clicking on COM Port Tab

Here its COM10 by the name Jetpack

Step 6: Open Arduino IDE, Select Outgoing COM Port and Upload Sketch Wirelessly!

  • Open the tools Tab in the Arduino IDE
  • Select "Port COM10" option
  • Select the outgoing COM Port
  • Upload sketch

The code is given below

Step 7: Open Processing, Paste Code Given Below and Press Play. See Your Sensor Plot Graphs in Real Time!

  • Open Processing
  • Paste code from here
  • Press Play
  • Enjoy live data stream!

The code is given below

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