Introduction: Arduino Bluetooth Ski RC Car for the Snow

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This RC Car took us about 3 days to make, including the 3D printing time. This RC car was made with an HC 05 Bluetooth module, a motor driver for arduino, and two gear motors. This is a really fun project for you to make, and quick disclaimer, the app I am using is called Arduino Bluetooth Control, and it is ONLY FOR ANDROID, unfortunately. We put a ski on the front that was 3d printed for stability on the snow, and we also put it inside a box for waterproofing the hardware and wires. Later in this article, you will find the code for it, schematics, and just general information about the project.

P.S -

Save yourself some time by using hot glue only, and not using other glue and wait for it to dry off, I tried it and I failed miserably.

Total estimated price : 32 dollars


- 2 gear motors

- Arduino UNO

-Jumper wires

-HC - 05 Bluetooth module

-Arduino Motor driver

-Led light (optional)

- 12 Volt battery that connects to the arduino

Step 1: Schematics and Additional Info

- Connect arduino UNO to motor driver

- Connect the two gear motors to the motor driver as shown below

- Connect battery to either arduino ( what I did ) or to the motor driver, as shown in the schematics, I personally recommend a 12 volt battery.

- Connect HC 05 Bluetooth module and put Rx to Tx and Tx to Rx

Step 2: What It Should Look Like and 3D Printed Ski

Remember to keep the weight as low as possible, so the RC car will be able to move well and stabilized in the rough snow terrain, always remember to keep the arduino and wires safe, and make sure the wheels are good enough for going off road. I used a 12 volt battery to make sure my wheels would have enough power to ride in the snow and in off road rough terrain. Adding a headlight is optional, and is just a nice feature to have. Also, (very important side note) keep the fill percentage in the ski as low as you can, so it isn't to heavy. One of the creators of this, Blake, kept the fill at about 49%, so make sure it's not too heavy.

Step 3: Ski STL File

Although this isn't the ski we used, these work just as fine, but as stated earlier, try to keep it as light as possible.

Step 4: The Code

This is the best code that worked for me.

You can find it at

Step 5: Conclusion

Hope you had fun building it! The app name is " Arduino Bluetooth Control " and it works just like a charm! Have fun! Also, try not to throw snowballs at it, LOL.

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