Introduction: Arduino Bluetooth for Android (One for All)



Did you know? with the use of bluetooth module and arduino you can turn your android phone or any gadgets with built in bluetooth into a useful module for your project. Like turning your android phone into a Serial monitor, LCD Screen, and much more.

With the help of this instructable you will be able to turn your devices into a bluetooth module for your bluetooth projects :D

In the end of this project you will be able to make your own android app. :D

Step 1: Gathering Parts

Here are the parts you will need in this instructable:

Bluetooth module: HC-05 OR HC-06

Arduino any flavor:

Is this all the parts!? yes it is :D but in order to turn your android device you will need a sensor or something that will give data to our arduino and then send it via bluetooth. It depends on you in which sensor you will use. for the sake of this project i am going to use my rotary angle sensor.

Did you get all the parts?
if yes then lets go to the next step :D

Step 2: Creating Your First Android App

There are a lot of android programming IDE out there but since this is your first time making an app :D we will use a simple one.

THUNKABLE - The best open source programming IDE for us haha :D

The first thing you will need to do is to sign up for account. i will not going to show you how. it's easy and i know you can do it :D

After you create your account then sign in.

Android APK File - If you dont want to crete your own android app you can use mine.

1. Follow this video

Export your app as shown in the video then copy the android apk file in your android phone and install it. and were almost done :D

Are you done watching the video? and have you finished your first android app if yes then let's go to the next step :D

Step 3: Creating and Uploading Your Arduino Sketch

Open your Arduino IDE then type This code. Then Upload it.


Arduino INO File - You can download the sketch here

Step 4: Connecting All the Components Together

After you upload the ketch in your arduino connect all the components like this:

Arduino RX <--- Bluetooth TX

Arduino TX <--- Bluetooth RX

Arduino GND <--- Bluetooth GND

Arduino VCC <--- Bluetooth VCC

Arduino GND <--- SENSOR GND

Arduino VCC <--- SENSOR VCC

Arduino A5 <--- SENSOR SIG

And now we are all done :D lets go to the next step.

Step 5: Running the Bluetooth App

Install the apk file that you exported from and open it

go to settings and pair your arduino bluetooth and go back to your app and it will work now. thats all thank you :D

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I cannot show you a demo because my phone is currently in other hands. thank you

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