Introduction: Arduino Buzz Wire Game

This is an instructable making the Buzz wire game using Arduino. This Arduino project is modified from I add a scoreboard on the LCD, that will show the time you use for finishing the game.

Step 1: Non-Electronic Build


- conductive metal wire

- eye hook

- two washers

- wires

- board

- A drill

- hot glue


1. drill two holes the same size as your track wire on both sides of the board.

2. wrap the wires around the washers, shown in the second picture.

3. Bend the track wire into fun shapes then wrap some of the wires around the end of the track wire. Shove the track wire into the two holes.

4. use the alligator clip to clamp one end of the jumper wire to the ring

Step 2: Electronic Build


- An Arduino

- An LCD screen

- a 10k potentiometer

- A piezo buzzer

- a red and green LED

- jumper cables

- a breadboard

- a 220-ohm resistor

- Four resistors with the resistance of 1Kohm or higher

It should look something like the second picture when you finish the wiring.

Step 3: The Code


The LCD will display the high score, then will display a running clock as you play the game. The piezo buzzer and the LCD will also let you know if you touched the wire.

Step 4: Video