Introduction: Arduino Calender

This product allows you to do what you should do during the day. When you play the rope you can press the button on the bottom and the light will turn from red to green.

For this product you will need:

1. Cardboard

2. Note paper

3. Utility Knife

4. Pencil

5. Arduino Leonardo

6. Wire

7. LED

8. Button

9. Glue

Step 1: Eletronics

For this product, the main thing to do is to use button to make the LED change their color. So, you need to make four of the thing in the picture shown.

Here is the code

Step 2: Building the Housing

Sketch your design in a card board, use the knife to cut the line but one a bit so that you can fold it (not break it).

Step 3: Hole for the Button

Sketch 4 hole for your four button (depends on how many button you've got) and cut it out with the knife.

Step 4: Stick Your Arduino on the Board

In the edge of the cardboard you can place things that can stick the arduino on.

Step 5: Place All the Item On

Lastly, you can put all the item you got onto the card board and stick the card board together.