Introduction: Arduino Can Hear and Understand Your Voice With 1Sheeld !

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Hey guys ! I want to show you with this simple project the power of 1Sheeld , an Arduino Shield that placed on top of your favorite Arduino Board enable it to unlock and access the plenty of sensors and cool features your smartphone have inside !

For this purpose I'm going to use the VoiceRecognizer Shield, which is one of the 40+ Shield you can access using 1Sheeld ...

It uses your smartphone speech recognition capability and sends the words recognized by your phone to your Arduino over bluetooth ... A LCD/Keypad shield on the top is used to trigger the recognition on the phone by using the "Select" button and to visualize the recognized word directly on the LCD.

Step 1: What You'll Need

This is what you'll need :

  • 1Sheeld+
  • Smartphone with 1Sheeld App
  • PC with Arduino IDE
  • Arduino Uno
  • LCD/Keypad Shield

Step 2: Getting Started With 1Sheeld

If this is your first time with 1Sheeld I suggest you to have a look to the Getting Started Guide first...

Step 3: 1Sheeld App Settings

STEP 1 : Download the App on your phone and select the Voice Recognition Shield

Step 4: Upload the Arduino Sketch

Upload the Arduino Sketch on your Arduino using the Arduino IDE (Remember to install 1Sheeld Library )

Step 5: Press on the Select Button

Press on the Select Button to make the phone start listening at you and recognized text appears on the LCD !

Step 6: If the Recognized Text Is Too Long You Can Even Scroll

If the recognized text is too long you can even scroll left or right using arrows