Introduction: Arduino Car

In this instructable we will learn to put together an arduino car using



Breadboard(3$) Some Capacitors(3$) Resistors 1K,10K(2$) 2 Motors(10$) 1 Servo(3$) 1 Distance sensor (Optional)(10$) 1 Sound sensor (Optional)(5$) 1 Line tracking sensor (Optional)(6$) LEDs(1$) Jumper Cables(2$) Voltage Regulators (1 for the servo)(2$) Transistors((NPN)For the Motors)(2$) 4 pcs 9 V batteries(8$) Blue-tooth Transceiver(13$)

Step 2: Mounting Hardware on Arduino Chassis.

1. Begin by mountain the wheelsets and then mountain the battery board motherboard.

2. Mount front wheel

3. Make sure all bolts are tightened properly and ensure proper position.

Step 3: Wire the Arduino Board.

1. Wire the motors to the arduino motherboard.

2. Wire arduino to battery pack for power supply.


Step 4: