Introduction: Arduino Charging


1. LED x9

2. Dupont line x9

3. Photoresistor

4. Wireless charger

5. Resistor x9

6. Single core wire

Step 1: Code

This is my code for this Arduino:

Step 2: This Arduino Is For?

These Arduino is for the people that will often forget to charge their phone.

They can put this design in their room. If they went to sleep, they will see the light besides them.

So that they will remember that they need to charge the phone.

If you put the phone on it and charge it, the light will have no light.

Step 3: Step

First you need to add the code in it.

Code is on top of this page.

Than follow my circuit in the picture.

Step 4: Boxing

When you finish the step and finish the code, you can package them.

Don't let the circuit be outside.

I will put my Arduino in the box and let the circuit don't be outside.

It will seems more delicate.

After you put in the box, you can try to burrow to let the photo resistance out.

So it can induction is your phone charging or not?