Introduction: Arduino Color Mixer Controlled by IPhone

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This is the video demonstration of what the final product will look like.  This could also easily be used to control an arduino robot or anything at all that the arduino is running!

if the video won't play here is the link

Step 1: How to Tutorial

Here is the how to!

if the vid doesn't open here is the url

Step 2:

Wires coming from ground, 11 pin, 10 pin, and 9 pin

Step 3: Wiring for LEDs

This should be pretty simple.
You have the wiring from the arduino for each color connected to the positive side of the led and the grounding wire from the arduino is grounding all of them.  They are running in parallel to each other and in series with a resistor.

Step 4:

This is what the final setup will look like.

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