Arduino Color Sorter Project With Pc Control Application




Introduction: Arduino Color Sorter Project With Pc Control Application

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In this project, I chose the TCS34725 color sensor. Because this sensor performs a more accurate detection than the others and is not affected by the light change in the environment.The product debugging robot is controlled by the interface program I designed in visual basic.The program takes instant data via arduino and prints the amount of products transferred to the containers on the screen. In addition, the system automatically stops when the extraction process is completed.

Step 1: ​Materials:


  • Arduino Uno (you can also use another model)
  • TCS34725 Rgb color detection sensor
  • 2 Pieces sg90 servo motor
  • Jumper cables
  • 3d Printing Stl Files

Step 2: Mechanical Parts

3d Printing Stl Files >> download

List of parts to be output from 3d printer multiple times:

  • side parca1.STL >> 2 pieces
  • bardak.STL >> 6 pieces
  • support.STL >> 4 pieces
  • pul.STL >> You can print as much as you like for the colors defined in the system. Each cup contains an average of 8 stamps.

If you do not want to redo the color calibration in the code, you can print from the following color filaments.

  • Red
  • Peak
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Light blue
  • Orange
  • Pink

Step 3: Circuit Diagram:

Step 4: Software:

With the interface program developed with Visual basic, products are instantly followed up. Run the application. Select the port the Arduino is connected to and click the Connect to device button. Leave the stickers in the funnel and the system will start working when you click on the device start button. The upper servo motor moves to take the pulley into the chamber and align it with the color sensor. the sensor detects the color of the pulp and sends the angle information of which cupola the lower servo motor is facing. The upper servo motor moves the pulley and sends the ball. In the interface program, it is instantly printed on the screen as to what color of the separating stamps are. When all stamps are removed, the interface program automatically closes the system and sends an information message to the screen.

Arduino and visual basic codes can be found here >> Arduino and visual basic code

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    1 year ago

    Hello, Can we replace the sensor with an
    arduino camera like OV7670 VGA camera? Should i use the same modules if i use
    an arduino camera? My idea is: the camerawill take a picture of the object, then it will take a histogram of the
    picture or another process which takes the color of the object and recognize
    the color of the object. Everything is the same in process but I only want to
    change the sensor with camera.


    4 years ago

    Nice project. I was wondering how close in shades is this RGB sensor capable of discerning? It always makes me wonder how close colors can be for the microcontroller/code/hardware to differencuaate.


    Reply 4 years ago

    It reads clearly from a distance of about 5 millimeters.Color rgb values write to serial monitor. Whichever color you are printing, you can add that color value to the code.