Introduction: Arduino Colorful Night Light

Welcome to my tutorial of Arduino Colorful Night Light, this tutorial will teach you how to make a night light with 4 different kinds of color step by step. as usual, Led light only have the colors of red, blue, yellow, white, and green, this night light combine these color as 4 kinds of special color. each color will change by pushing distinct buttons. This night light can create pleasure in the night.

Step 1: Materials:

1. Arduino Leonardo

2. bread board and some wires

3. 4 Led lights(red, blue, green and yellow)

4. 5 buttons

5. at least 9 resistance(10k)

6. computer with Arduino in it

7. cardboard or box for decorating

8. scissors, glue...

Step 2: Circits

The circuits of this night light is just like the picture above, connect exactly same as the picture. If you don't know how to connect, see the steps below:

1. connect GND and 5v to the bread board by two wires

2. connect 4 led light with 10k resistance

3. connect another GND and 3.3v to another side of breadboard

4. connect 5 buttons with 10k resistance

Step 3: Code for Night Light

the link above is also a complete version of the code for the night light.

the file below can directly access to the code through Arduino

Step 4: Create a Case for Night Light!!

the pictures above are the process of making the case for the light. You can rearrange and decorate differently, but if you want to do the same decoration as me, follow the steps:

1. prepare or make a box that has a cover on the top to fit the Arduino

2. create some small holes for the buttons and led lights to fit in, and put it in

3. use tape or clay to stabilize everything

4. put the cover on, then put a thing to cover the led lights(the most simple way is to roll a paper)

5. then, we complete the Arduino Colorful Night Lamp

Step 5: The Video of Night Light