Arduino Control Arm

Introduction: Arduino Control Arm


3 - servo motors

3 - servo connectors

1 - arduino motherboard

1 - blu board

12 - wire connectors

1 - flat platform

2 - 6x4 inch piece of cardboard

1 - 4x4 inch piece of cardboard

1 - soldering gun

1 - roll of soldering wire

1 - scissor

1 - tape

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. First, is to grab both the arduino motherboard and the blue board and connect both of them together. (Blu board goes on top of the arduino board)
  2. Second, grab three wires and connect them to the servos and once you connect them all make sure they work by downloading the arduino controller app
  3. Then, cut a exact hole in the 6x4 inch board at the very top to place the servo
  4. Next, grab the other 4x4 inch board and tape the servo to one of the edges on the top of the 4x4 inch board
  5. After , that mount the 4x4 inch board with the servo the 6x4 inch board so that it

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the instructions! Do you have a video of it working?