Introduction: Arduino Control With Android Voice Command (via Bluetooth)

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We will provide Arduino communication via bluetooth with the previously defined sentence commands in the Android application.

You can use this project in home automation systems.

Step 1: Hardware Required

  • Arduino Board
  • Bluetooth Module HC05 or 06
  • LED
  • 220 ohm Resistor
  • Smartphone
  • Wires
  • Breadboard

Step 2: Connections

  • Connect GND to the board from the Arduino
  • Attach all LED's short legs to GND
  • Connect a 220 ohm resistor to the long legs of the LEDs
  • You can find all the connections in the pictures and videos.

Step 3: Code

Step 4: About Application

For now we will use the ready-made application. In the following days I will publish a tutorial on creating an application. (Such as the application I created for a remote controlled car)

BT Voice Control for Arduino
Created by SimpleLabsIN

Android Meets Robots : Voice Recognition Uses android mobiles internal voice recognition to pass voice commands to your robot Pairs with Bluetooth Serial Modules and sends in the recognized voice as a string for example if you say Hello the android phone will return a sting *Hello# to your bluetooth module *and # indicate the start and stop bits Can Be used with any micro controller which can handle strings Examples Platforms : Arduino , ARM , PICAXE , MSP430 , 8051 based and many other processors and controllers

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