Introduction: Arduino Control Your Led From

Welcome to my first Arduino Project!

My name is Paul and i am a 19 years old Electronic Engineer student on my first year!

Please forgive me if my tutorial has mistakes! Be aware that this is my first week to the Arduino! :)

Without any further ado lets start!

Step 1: Step 1 : Materials

The only hardware you will need is :

  1. An Arduino of your choice
  2. A LED
  3. A resistor *
  4. Jumper wires
  5. A breadboard

And now the software:

  • Arduino Official Software
  • Visual Basic 10

Find the suitable resistor for your led to stay safe!

I am using on of 68Ω

Step 2: Step 2 : Circuit & Codes

Create the circuit as it is in the picture!

Next, download the vbcode.rar and extract the files to a folder!

Now you can either try my program or use the code to do yours!

Connect your Arduino and upload the code from the ardcode.txt file!

You are setted!

Launch the program! Set your com port and try it out!

Check the video to see it in action!

Thanks for reading! :D