Introduction: Arduino Controllable Balista

This is the ballista project built and designed by Liam MacMillan and Mitchell Gaudet. The project simulates a small scaled ballista which can fire a projectile. The ballista uses an elastic string and 3D printed parts to create a tension that is strong enough to transfer the force from the strung ball to the projectile, thus launching it out of the barrel of the ballista.

Step 1: TinkerCad Files


All parts displayed were printed using a 3D printer. The large blue object in the picture is the ballista base. The oval orange pieces are arms which are used to hold the tension with the elastic string. The orange cylinders with the wide bases are meant to interlock the wings and the ballista base. The small red object is used as a trigger and holds the other end of the elastic string. The thin orange cylinder was created to hold the trigger in place. The blue ball is strung with the elastic string, and is used to transfer the tension force from the elastic string as kinetic force to the projectiles.

Step 2: Source Code

Attached is the source code file. It is commented to explain the code use.

Step 3: Part List

⦁ Servo Motor

⦁ Elegoo joystick

⦁ Tinkercad 3D printed parts

⦁ Elastic string


⦁ Potentiometer (10kΩ)

⦁ 22kΩ resistor

⦁ 100µF capacitor

⦁ Arduino (UNO)

⦁ Laptop Power Supply

Step 4: Circuit Layout