Arduino Controlled Bluetooth

Introduction: Arduino Controlled Bluetooth

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We using App Invertor for build apk. this apk can control your microcontroller / arduino, using bluetooth and your phone. in this tutorial just sharing how to build apk. next how to programing arduino and make robot.

Step 1: Frist Step

Open new Project in APP Inventor

Step 2: List Picker

Step two, Build list picker for choose to connect bluetooth, just drop and drag from user interface like pic. 2.1

Step 3: Add Label.

Add label for status connected or not

Step 4: Add Table Arrangment

this tabel used for botton

Step 5: Button

Add button for forward, bacward, left, right and Stop.

Step 6: Add Label

add label Text for the current active button

Step 7: Insert Picture

in this step i insert logo UMB.

Step 8: Insert Bluetooth Client & Clock

Bluetooth client used for acces bluetooth in handphone.

Step 9: Programing

in this step we will program how to show bluetooth exsisting and conneted.

Step 10: Status Connected

in this step we used timer for status bluetooth connection

Step 11: Forward

we send "Forward" for command forward

Step 12: Completed Your Code

the last step completed your code like as picture

Step 13: The Finally

and you can save your app program in your computer or your HP using internet.

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    Ashraf Minhaj
    Ashraf Minhaj

    2 years ago

    Do you have the download link of this app and also where's the arduino code?

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Nice system design. Do you have any pictures of something that you built with this?