Introduction: Arduino Controlled Car


This instructable was created to complete the last project of 'Usos académicos en terminología específica en inglés I’, 3rd course in Elisava. Our chalenge was to remote control a car platform anybody can find on internet for 10-15 euros. We set a complicated goal, to move it with the hand position using a accelerometer. After all these hours we found out our original idea wasn´t going to work because it was too complicated for us. That´s why, in replacement of the first idea, we ended up making it controllable from a smartphone, using a complete different circuit and elements towards the first idea

In this instructable, we are going to explain how the final prototype was made, the components used to build the car, and how we did it, plus the code used to be able to run the car.

The components required to build this bluetooth controlled car are:

- Arduino Nano with cable

- Breadboard

- Jumper Cables

- Arduino HC-06 Bluetooth shield

- DC H Bridge Module (LM298)

- 4 DC Motors

- 9V Battery for motors

- 5V Battery for Arduino

- Screws

- 4 Wheels

- Car chassis

-Arduino car control app (google play store)

And the tools used are:

- Soldering kit

- Screw driver

- Scissors and wire cutter

Step 1: Setup the Car

First of all, attach one red wire and one black wire to each motor. This will need to be attached the same way on the front wheels and the opposite in the back wheels, so that the motors are syncronized between them.

Then build the car chassis adding the motors to it. Make sure the wires of the motors are long enough to be able to connect them with the rest of the circuit parts later on.

Step 2: Setup the Circuit

On the breadboard and also to the Arduino base, finishing attaching and connecting the elements of the circuit. This is a very important step because if the circuit and connections are not built perfectly, the car won’t work.

Out1 - Left Side Motor Red Wire (+)

Out2 - Left Side Motor Black Wire (-)

Out3 - Right Side Motor Red Wire (+)

Out4 - Right Side Motor Black Wire (-)

-LM298 to Arduino:

IN1 - D5

IN2 - D6

IN3 - D9

IN4 - D10

-Bluetooth Module to Arduino:

Rx - Tx

Tx - Rx


Vcc - 3.3V


9V - Connect Battery Red Wire

GND - Connect Battery Black Wire and Arduino GND pin

5V - Connect to Arduino 5V

Step 3: Setup the Code

Writing the code and uploading. Make sure there is no errors and that the information send to the Arduino Uno is correctly sent.

Step 4: Synchronize Bluetooth

Since the car is going to be controlled via bluetooth, it is necessary to download the mobile app that sends the control orders and pair it (

You are done! Enjoy it.