Arduino Controlled Led Light Show




Introduction: Arduino Controlled Led Light Show

LEDs dancing on music beats.

Step 1: Starting Up.

Roughly draw your sketch on the black background.

Paste LED strips on the outline.

LED used: 1amp/5metre , 12v, 1amp, size=25 x 25(single coloured), controllable RGB(50 x 50).

Step 2: Check the Pasted Led Strips

Check your pasted elements by providing external DC supply.

Step 3: Current Routing.

Routing of the current path for various elements by shorting them with the single strand wire by proper soldering.

Make sure positive is shorted with positive and negative with negative.

Step 4: Wiring and Relay Control Panel

Each element is provided a separate channel of the 5v arduino relay.

elements are provided with power supply by extending them through wires (swg 1/18) using 40amp smps(one for each screen)

Step 5: Hardware Ready

Assemble your screens.

Step 6: Software

Project is controlled by 3 Arduino Mega, one for each screen.

Each pin assigned to unique channel of the relay for switching operation.

LEDs are musically on the pre prepared track controlled by Vixen Software based on time delay.

Step 7: Final Output

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    3 years ago

    awesome.........Great job!


    3 years ago

    awesome work


    3 years ago

    That's awesome! I love these kinds of light shows. And setting it up on a board like that is more doable than trying to light things all over the yard. :)