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Introduction: Arduino DUE SD Card

Hello everyone!!!

I'm going to show you how to connect SD Card to Arduio DUE

I've made little module for SD Card like this one that I've found in forum BUT I changed one thing in SPI pins of Arduino Due VCC is 5V but you need 3.3V for SD Card so I connected SD's VSS to Arduino DUE 3.3V pin and uploaded standart code of arduino.

It worked fine!!!

Here is code.


File myFile;

void setup() { // Open serial communications and wait for port to open: Serial.begin(9600); while (!Serial) { ; // wait for serial port to connect. Needed for native USB port only }

Serial.print("Initializing SD card...");

if (!SD.begin(4)) { Serial.println("initialization failed!"); return; } Serial.println("initialization done.");

// open the file. note that only one file can be open at a time, // so you have to close this one before opening another. myFile ="test.txt", FILE_WRITE);

// if the file opened okay, write to it: if (myFile) { Serial.print("Writing to test.txt..."); myFile.println("testing 1, 2, 3."); // close the file: myFile.close(); Serial.println("done."); } else { // if the file didn't open, print an error: Serial.println("error opening test.txt"); }

// re-open the file for reading: myFile ="test.txt"); if (myFile) { Serial.println("test.txt:");

// read from the file until there's nothing else in it: while (myFile.available()) { Serial.write(; } // close the file: myFile.close(); } else { // if the file didn't open, print an error: Serial.println("error opening test.txt"); } }

void loop() { // nothing happens after setup }

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    4 years ago

    Hi there! I've tried your schema and did't works. Could you share your code?


    5 years ago

    nice man, really neat soldering on sd card holder and the board.