Introduction: Arduino Dice

hello today I will be showing you how to make a fun little project with the Arduino board. This is a simple project called Arduino Dice which will help you to get a basic understanding of Arduino and it's coding. This project will help to learn about the homemade functions such as "one"-"six" and more. In the code I have listed below the homemade function "one" will turn on one random led if the number is 1. The same thing will happen if the number is 3,4,5 or 6, the function that is connected to the number will select the number of LED that will light up. Homemade functions help you save time in your code and if you learn them they will help to organise your codes for future projects.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need the following

- One Arduino Uno and Genuino Board

- Generic Bread board

- Generic jumper wires( Short ones preferred )

- 220 ohm resistor x6

- x6 LEDS of any colour

Step 2: Creating the Circuit

Take the LEDS than line them up with the bread board with the long leg of the LED pointed to the right( this will be inserted into the pins). As you can see from the diagram above the LED on the far left will be connected to the pin 6 and the LED on the far right will be connected to Pin 1. Each short leg of the LEDS will be connected to the 220 ohm resistor. The other leg of the resistors will be connected to the ground line. Take a wire and connect the ground to the uno and the circuit is done.

Step 3: Code for the Project