Introduction: Arduino Digital FM Radio (TEA5767)

Hi! In this project I will show you how to easily use TEA5767 module and build your own digital FM Radio!

Stuff that you will need:

  • Arduino uno
  • TEA5767 Radio module
  • Nokia 5110 display (pcb version)
  • 2x Push Button

Optional, if you want to use 'internal' speakers you will need:

  • LM386 Audio Amplifier Module
  • Potentiometer ~4.7K (for volume control)
  • 2x Speakers

(you can use breadboard to build it easier)

LM386 isn't very powerful amplifier module but it's cheat and it can drive small speakers.

I prefer to build my own arduino based circuit by using the ATmega328p uno possessor, but this is optional for you.

Official page:

Step 1: Breadboard Schematic Circuit

Take your time, read lcd pinout notice.

If you want to use 'internal' speakers you must build and the optional part of this schematic.

More info for 'optional' part:

LM386 can be powered up by 5V ~12V (in schematic you can find Vcc 'red' pin with 5V tag) More power means more volume. You can adjust 'noise' from on-board 10K variable resistor.

It has 4 input pins:

  • Vcc You can use 5V output from arduino uno board
  • IN Speaker positive + cable
  • GND Speaker negative - cable
  • GND Ground on arduino uno GND pin

Speaker positive and negative cables must be come from TEA5767 Speaker output jack (SPK on schematic). Left or right? It doesn't mater... if you want, you can merge them to one or use just one of them.

Step 2: Libraries and Code

Before open code file "digital_fm_radio.ino" install the necessary libraries to arduino ide libraries folder.

Just open the file and extract / copy all files to libraries folder.

If you have windows os and you don't know where this folder is, watch this video on YouTube:

Code isn't mine, I found it here: so I want to thank developer for sharing.

I added some comments

Step 3: Building the 'box' - Tips

This is an optional procedure!

I have an idea to make my radio like a car because my 'internal' speakers have shape of car wheels. So I took a balsa sheet, cut it and finally make my own desk car radio! Power comes from usb cable :D

See the images above to take an idea, but keep in mind that you can design and build your own box.

Some tips:

  • Make marks of components on balsa sheet
  • Cut carefully - be patient and make sure that you will not cut your self!
  • Paint it with your favorite color marker
  • Put components on it, you can use some glue for this


I used dremmel tool to cut balsa wood. That means that before Ι start cutting, I took safety measures! Cover your eyes and watch out your fingers!!!

Watch video on YouTube: (make sure to click like button ;-) )