Introduction: Arduino ELECTRONIC-DICE Project

The original idea was from, a project by .A..

Some improvements are made, I added some LED and sound effects. Plus, I used an Arduino Leonardo board but not an Arduino UNO board, but the code can be used for both boards.

How to use: Press the button then wait for the dice outcome. If the red light is on means it is still processing! The outcome is shown when the red light is off.


To make this project, you'll need:

1- Arduino Leonardo (Arduino UNO is fine)

1 - breadboard

7 - blue LEDs

1 - red LED

7 - 100 ohm resistances

1 - 10k ohm resistance

1 - button

1 - Speaker 8 ohm (0.5 watt)

1 - battery or power bank

Jumper wires

Step 1: Making the Circuit on Breadboard

Step 1: Put 7 blue LEDs on the breadboard, make a square.

Step 2: Take 7 jumper wires and connect from digital pin 7-13 to each LED's positive leg.

LED 1 - pin 13

LED 2 - pin 12

LED 3 - pin 11

LED 4 - pin 10

LED 5 - pin 9

LED 6 - pin 8

LED 7 - pin 7

Step 3: Take a red LED and put aside the blue LEDs, positive leg connects to digital pin 2

Step 4: Connect all resistances

Step 5: Connect a button to the breadboard

Step 6: Connect all LEDs and button to the ground (GND) with their negative leg

Step 7: Add a speaker (red (positive) leg to digital pin 3, black (negative) leg to GND)

Step 2: Coding

Check out the code in the link:

Or download the code from the attached file

Step 3: Connect to a Battery or a Power Bank

Step 4: Decoration!

Make a box to cover the wires!

Decorate it nicely as you want!