Introduction: Arduino + ESP Weather Box

A useful device that serves for a short-term local and three-day weather forecast

Step 1: Arduino Part

This device consists of two independent assemblies in one box.

One is the Arduino barometer with the BMP180 sensor, which contains a report of realtime, -1h and -3h difference in atmospheric pressure. These reports are particularly useful in the short term local weather forecast. Тhe code is taken from the "" web site, in which is entered the difference between the absolute and the relative atmospheric pressure for the given altitude in "druck_offset=" line on code. The results are presented on the N5110 LCD screen, which also shows the internal temperature.

Step 2: ESP8266 Part

The next device is powered by an ESP8266 board that connects a 0.96 inch oled display. ESP8266 is connected via Wi-Fi network to "openweathermap" page, from where it takes a three-day weather forecast and presents it on the oled display . For this purpose, you need to enter an API key in the code , which is obtained from Openweathermap page. Full detailed instructions for installing libraries and code on esp8266 are given on : In this particular case, I use the NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP12E module) board.

Step 3: Schematic

The picture above shows the scheme of the complete device.