Introduction: Exploding Kittens Exploder

This machine is an additional accessory to the board game Exploding Kittens. I started playing this board game because one of my friends brought it to my house to play together. Afterwards, I thought the game was really fun, so it became my favourite board game. In the game, if you get the exploding kitten card, you're out of the game. Therefore, to make the game more interesting and realistic, I made an explosion simulator for this board game in this project. The machine makes an explosion sound to add entertainment to the game.


1 Arduino Leonardo

1 Breadboard

Wires (pick any color)

1 Push Button

1 Cardboard Box or Plastic Box

1 LED Light (pick any color)

USB Cable




Any Decoration You Want!

Finally, 1 set of Exploding Kittens cards to play with!

Step 1: Create the Circuit

First, you need to make a circuit for the machine. In the circuit, you will use a button, a LED light, and a speaker. In this machine, when you lose the game in Exploding Kittens, you have to press the button, which would activate the speaker to make an exploding sound.

In the circuit, you connect the button to D2 on the Arduino Leonardo, the LED to D12, and the speaker to D11. You also need to connect the Arduino Leonardo to your computer or an electricity source to run the programs.

Step 2: Write the Program

After you finish building the circuit, you need to insert a program into the Arduino Leonardo to make the machine work. To install the program writer, here is a link: The attached file is the program you will need to for the explosion simulator. In the program, when you're playing the game, the speaker beeps at a constant speed to increase tension in the game to make it more fun. When you die in the game, you can press the button, which will activate the explosion mechanism, which is increasing the speed of the beeps and then, in the end, making a high-pitched beep.

Step 3: Make the Decoration

Finally, after making the circuit and code, you can start making the decorations. First, you put the breadboard with the circuit into a cardboard box. Then, you can add anything you want outside! Personally, I would draw cats and explosions around it to fit the theme of the machine. You can also add grenades on the box to make it look dangerous! For me, I drew a taco cat, a grenade cat, and explosions on the box to make it look better.

Step 4: Play the Game!

Now, you have finished the machine! You can enjoy a round of Exploding Kittens with your family or friends now. If you need instructions, here is a video to teach you how to play. Have fun (I hope you enjoyed this project)! "meow" "BOOM"


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