Introduction: Arduino Flappy Bird | Arduino 2.4" TFT Touchscreen SPFD5408 Bird Game Project

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Flappy Bird was too popular game back there in few years and many people created it in thier own way so did I, I created mine version of flappy bird with Arduino and the cheap 2.4" TFT Touchscreen SPFD5408, So let's get started.

Step 1: Gather Your Components





So tomake a flappy bird game you need a Arduino uno/mega and 2.4" TFT spfd5408 or ILI9345 TFT will work too

Arduino Uno -

2.4" TFT-

Step 2: Download File and Libraries

Download rar file from any of the links given below

And install the libraries for the tft display (if you having problem in setting up the libraries then refer video).

Libraries are included in rar file(spfd5408.rar).

Step 3: Final Step

the final step is to connect display to the board (watch video if having problem in connecting display) and then upload the flappy bird.ino code to the arduino board and we are done and we can finally play flappy bird on our Arduino.

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