Arduino Flappy Bird Game Using TFT LCD by Push Button Tutorial




Introduction: Arduino Flappy Bird Game Using TFT LCD by Push Button Tutorial


The 3.5 "display module for easy adaptability and flexibility of library had long been a reliable basis for tender color.16-bit color TFT screen and 3.5 "in size. It works as a touch screen to incorporate a capacitive sensor, which allows us to control it by touching with the finger directly on it and has a resolution of 480 × 320 pixels, relatively high for its size. Uses the ILI9481 driver.

Screen Size: 3.5 "

Pixel: 480x320

Color code: 262K

Display Size: 51mm x 77.5mm

Touch: Yes

Connection: Arduino Mega Shield (Mega / Due size)

SD card support: ... 128GB 16MB

Chipset: ILI9481 (R61581, CTE32HR)

Viewing Angle: Wide

Control: individual or UTFT library

Power supply voltage: 3.3V and 5V

UTFT supportBacklight: permanent, internal control

Size (mm): 97.5 * 64mm * 15mm (shield)

Step 1: Project Planning

For this tutorial, we just using a simple hardware where there is no need to use breadboard and any other components. No need of wiring.

You just need to have:

  1. 3.5" Arduino TFT LCD Touchscreen Module
  2. USB cable type A male to B male
  3. Arduino Mega 2560
  4. Push Button

**Please download the UFTF


Step 2: Pin Connection

Connect your arduino with the 3.5" Arduino TFT LCD Touchscreen Module and two (2) buttons which are Start Button and Reset Button. Make sure that all pins are fit into its port.

Step 3: Insert Coding

  1. Download the test code and open it by using Arduino software or IDE.
  2. Make sure that you have choose the right board and the corresponding port. (In this tutorial, Arduino Mega 2560 is used)
  3. Then, upload the test code into your Arduino Mega 2560.

**For in case, if your display is mirrored, you may follow the instruction below:

Documents>Arduino>Libraries>UFTF>tft_drivers>ili9481(for 3.5'' TFT LCD)>edit initlcd.h and change



Step 4: Result

After uploading completely, you can start to play with favourite flappy bird game.


Step 5: Video

Enjoy watch the tutorial!

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    5 years ago


    i arrived to decompresse the librarie, but i don't arrive to uncompresse the Flappy_Bird_Game_Source_Code.rar

    if you could have a look.

    thanks for the Tuto