Arduino Flappy Bird Game With 2.4

Introduction: Arduino Flappy Bird Game With 2.4

Hi Guys, in this instructables we will learn how to create and run flappy bird game with arduino uno on 2.4" tft touchscreen.

Since flappy bird is a very popular game so i thought i should try my version of flappy bird so we will play flappy bird with Arduino uno.

Step 1: Parts You Need

These following things you will need for this project :



Step 2: Download Code & Required Library

Please download code & library from link provided below :

Install the zip library in your arduino ide.

My display is using spfd5408 drivers.

And get the code from the above file and Upload the code to arduino.

Step 3: Playing Flappy Bird

After setting up code & libraries in your PC connect your display to arduino and then upload the code to arduino and you will able to play flappy Bird on your arduino as i am playing on my arduino. So have fun playing Flappy bird on your arduino.

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