Arduino Flash Game Streamer




Introduction: Arduino Flash Game Streamer

its a simple project that uses the a ethernet shield server to give a advanst web page with flash games on it.

Step 1: Thing You Will Need

well you will need the interwebs,
ethernet shield,
arduino software,
ethernet cable

Step 2: The Code:::

you can download this code at the end:
load up the ethernet server example and delete the code for uploading the analog inputs.
then enter this:
client.println("<h1>Arduino streamer</h1>");
client.println("<title>Arduino streaming</title>");
client.println("<object width='550' height='400'>");
client.println("<param name='movie' value=''>");
client.println("<embed src='' width='1000' height='750'>");
// output the value of each analog input pin
client.println("<body bgcolor='Teal'>");
client.println("made by cody chambers");

this will load the dirtbike 2 game as a examp

Step 3: To Change the Game Simple Change the Swf Address

click below to download the code
your all done, just configure the ip addres and its ready to use!!!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    could you use this for modified farmville upload generator software?
    (that comment should do for now in place of full documentation of the idea i had presented which doesn't seem to be showing posted.)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    so does this upload or in other words serve the game software to the internet for people to access from a webpage like farmville?
    idea: could this be used to make interactive farming so that routine tasks like running the hay baler or hay rake can upload real life data into a virtual game environment. and this for the sake of opening up the door to gamers contributing encouraging feedback by seeing the data presented in a form they will acknowledge. and signing off approval or their compensatory adjustments to keep the virtual atmosphere the little virtual farm is arranged to set the mood of.
    if i am being clear enough..? the idea is to convert real life activities from a productive avenue into game like contributions. possible recruitment. people who like to play farmville might be interested in lending emotional support to the actual tasks required on farms. yeah there are real farms where people have to plow, sow, harvest, fertilize, cultivate, collect eggs/milk, etc. A game environment presents the romantic version but to spread that romance with the workers, integration of practical side of real life application which machines do lots of anyway but people still need to operate those machines and having some social networking connection for those operators to socialize them my goal is to see people sharing their experiences and not be so cut off by sterilization of goods that people in city dont even connect that there are real farms and real people who do similar tasks that votes of confidence to keep clicking it needs done supports them to keep getting up before the sunrises to beat the heat and pull those weeds etc. even small farms could be sponsored i see potential for in this rough draft idea.
    frito lay had a farmville model farm on the server at one time for advertisement purposes. envisioning direct relationship between online gaming and contribution to presented aspects of the organization's assets. solar panels were shown which would be hypocritical if there are no real panels in that company's real life infrastructure. of course the shape is not necessary to match exactly. it's just a game! but wouldn't it be fun to do virtual inspection of the voltage output and so on? no not for most but surely yes for some who like to be involved with where their food comes from. granted it would be doing free work to check webcam uploads and see how the weeds are doing and suggesting by virtually sending an agent to cultivate for making look nice would remind supervisors what people care about so things can deteriorate where no one cares and where they do improvements can progress.
    these are some nutshell thoughts. i tried to farm and find it so much easier to point and click that integration with managers might have helped that they point and click and share collective responsibility for their "votes" for what gets done at expense of others. thank you instructables! :)