Introduction: Arduino Game Controller

A game controller is a device used to give inputs in a video game to make the character or object move. The design and functionality of a game controller are easy and will definitely give you an amazing experience of gaming, And it will be more involving when you’ll know the process to make it, the material requirements, and other related things. The configuration is based on the type of game you want to play and the mechanism is USB based is similar to PS1’s game controller.

The process of making the core setup is quite easy, just the availability of items is important. The list of components required to make the game controller are as follows-

Material required

Hardware Required:-

  • Arduino mini
  • Push Buttons (tick tack switches)
  • Custom PCB (button matrix PDF is attached)
  • 10K Resistors
  • Jumper wires

Software Required:-

  • Arduino IDE
  • Autodesk 360


There is a methodology behind forming a game controller, it needs to be in a properly configured design. To make a game controller, follow the steps that are listed below-

Step 1: Testing on Breadboard-

To make the game controller, it is necessary to begin with a prototype. A prototype is a basic framework of the particular controller that involves 12 push buttons, an Arduino mini, and resisters. Start integrating them in a circuit to test the schematic. If you want to re-design the controller, the schematics are attached for your reference.

Step 2: PCB Manufacturing

It’s so unprofessional when soldering is done on the universal PCB, to do it then on a professional PCB Board, Download attache PDF file for the same. Ask any PCB manufacturer of your choice to make it for you, but the preferred is nextPCB in terms of quality, and the way they assist the customers is also remarkable. They have expertise in solving any PCB related problem from design to material within 24 hours. Apart from it, the experts help you in assisting with the lags and the corrections to be done in it.

Step 3: Component Mount

When you get your PCB the next step is soldering of components. Attach push button, resistors, and Arduino. To refer, kindly refer to the image attached below. This will support in fixing the components on the board and solder them in place.

Step 4: Coding

Download the code and upload it to the Arduino board you are ready to go. Your PCB board is diagrammatically ready to test now.


Step 5: Final Testing-

Right after the proper mounting of components, upload the code of the games to be played through the controller and test it. You can see the code below, just download and upload to Arduino. This will include checking the proper mapping of the buttons, their primary functionality, and other things.

Get a cover for your device and, your game controller is all set to play the games of your choice.