Introduction: Arduino Guitar Tuner Using DSP Techniques

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A while ago I wrote an article on Reliable Frequency Detection Using DSP Techniques.
I mentioned at the time that this is an ideal basis for designing your own Arduino based guitar tuner. In real life, musical intruments can have strong harmonic contents, and you want to detect the fundamental frequency. Time based techniques that measure the time between periods don’t do that very well. The advantage of using an autocorrelation based frequency detection method is robustenss against noise and the overall harmonic content of the signal.

So, having got a few questions about how you’d make a guitar tuner, I thought I'd make one to show how it's done.

Step 1: Build a Pre-amp

You'll need a pre-amp. Here's the schematic and the construction.

Step 2: Code

For the full details including the code take a look on my blog:

Step 3: Here's a Demo

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