Introduction: Arduino HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Rover

Simple Arduno Rover with HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor.

Step 1:

YOU will need to build this:

HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor

Battery holder for 6 AA batteries

6 AA batteries

Arduino UNO (I use UNO R2)
Motor Shield for Arduino (L293)

9g Servo

2 gear motors with wheels

CD box

4 male-to-male cables

4 female-to-female cables

few cable ties

I buy all components for this rover on ebay.

First you will need 2pcs Plastic Tire Wheel + DC 6V Gear Motor 48:1.

I solder 2 male-to-male cables and 104 capacitors.

I used slim CD box as a chassis, I made 2 holes on each side of CD box and then fixed gear motors with cable tie.

Step 2:

You can see all the components you need on this photo.

  1. HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor
  2. Battery holder for 6 AA batteries
  3. 6 AA batteries
  4. Arduino UNO (I use UNO R2)
  5. Motor Shield for Arduino (L293)

  6. 9g Servo
  7. 2 gear motors with wheels on CD box chassis.
  8. 4 male-to-male cables
  9. 4 female-to-female cables
  10. few cable ties

Step 3:

Сonnection scheme is very easy.

  1. Connect 9g servo to SERVO_2 pins on motorshield
  2. Left motor to M4
  3. Right motor to M1
  4. Echo - pin A4
  5. Trig - pin A5
  6. Vcc - pin +5 ; Gnd - Gnd

I fix servo on battery box with cable tie

Step 4:

Final result and video.

Faster version without servo

Step 5:

Put AFMotor.h and AFMotor.cpp to folder AFMotor in libraries folder Aduino.

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