Introduction: Arduino Halloween Edition - Zombies Pop-out Screen (Steps With Pictures)

Want to scare your friends and make some screaming noise in Halloween? Or just want to make some good prank? This Zombies pop-out screen can do that! In this Instructable I will teach you how to make jump-out Zombies easily using Arduino. The HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor will detect motion, and then will trigger the pop-out screen (It can be a scary zombie or a ghost, depends on your preferences)!

You can apply this DIY to Halloween planning or use this to prank your friends.

By following the easy steps below, you can make this quick even if you are a beginner to Arduino!


The materials of this project include:

Breadboard x1

Arduino Leonardo x1

Laptop x1

USB cable x1

Tissue box or random box x1

HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor x1

Jumper wires male to male x7

Scissor x1

Tape x1

Decorative papers (any colors you like)

Step 1: Circuit for HC-SR04

The sketch reads the circuit for HC-SR04. HC-SR04 is an ultrasonic rangefinder and returns the distance to the closest object in range. To do this, it sends a pulse to the sensor to initiate a reading, then waits for a pulse to return. The length of the returning pulse is proportional to the distance of the object from the sensor.

Follow the images above to connect HC-SR04 to Arduino.

Using Jumper wires male to male,

1. connects GND of the HC-SR04 to the negative row of the breadboard

2. connects ECHO of the HC-SR04 to digital pin 7 of Arduino plate

3. connects TRIG of the HC-SR04 to digital pin 6 of Arduino plate

4. connects VCC of the HC-SR04 to the positive row of the breadboard

Step 2: Circuits 2

Connects the wires as the two images above show.

Using two Jumper wires male to male,

1. connects the wire from the negative row of the breadboard to GND

2. connects the wire from the positive row to 5V

Step 3: Circuits 3 - Keyboard Commands  

Sends a keystroke to a connected computer. This is similar to pressing and releasing a key on your keyboard. You can send some ASCII characters or the additional keyboard modifiers and special keys.

By connects one Jumper wire male to male as the images shown above, you can let the Arduino send keyboard commands to the computer. Use one jumper wire male to male, connect GND to digital pin 4.

Now you finish making the circuits! The next step is for decorative outlook and coding!

Step 4: Decorative Outlook

Now you have to make a decorative outlook. The materials need for this are some decorative papers, scissors, and glue. You may decorate it with any style you want, for me, I took the colors of Halloween (black, orange, and dark purple) as the color of the box because. The size of the box doesn't have to be this big, you can make any alterations of the size and shape, the box is only a place to put the Arduino board. I choose a big box because you can put a bowl of candy on it and when the people come to take it, the HC-SR04 inside can detect the motion then causes the screen to pop out.

Step 5: Upload the Code

Click this link to get the full code!

Step 6: Product Video and Application