Introduction: Arduino Haptic Controller



  • Soldering Iron
  • 3D Printer
  • Allen wrench
  • Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: 3D Printing

3D print the following parts:

Print Settings:

Hot End Temp: 200

Bed Temp: 60

Supports: Yes

Raft/Brim/Skirt: Skirt

Step 2: Wiring

First we need to create a sort of micro breadboard that uses only the minimal amount of header sockets to save space. This idea is thanks to Chandler76's Arduino Nano Breadboard Adapter. At this point follow his instructable with the addition of the header sockets I added going horizontally across the bottom. Follow the wiring diagram for the rest of the wiring. Make sure to put the MPU6050's and RF24's wires through the mid-plate!

Step 3: Programming

Upload the following programs to your arduinos; "Haptic Glove" to the controller, and "Reciever" to the vehicle. Also install the following libraries: MPU_6050_tockn and RF24. If you wan't to modify the code, make sure that the pipe is the same in both scripts. You can broadcast to any Arduino robot as long as you wire in the rf24 unit. Just use the same wiring for it as on the controller.

Step 4: Assembly

Screw together the top and bottom pieces for the RF24 holder (with the rf24 and mpu6050 inside of course). Then slide the arduino into the 3d printed controller and keep the switch on the side with the rectangle cutout. The next part is a little bit trickier, and you might have to sand the RF24 case a little to make it fit. Currently the top is held on by its tight fit so I can pop it off to replace the battery. Pop the RF24 holder and the led plate onto the front of the controller.