Introduction: Arduino: Housefire Minegame


Below I have provided the requirements and explanation for making this project. I spend a lot of time on the code. Optionally you can make the environment of the house to your own taste (think of trees, roads or several other houses).

The essential parts that I used:

- Arduino Uno

- Breadboard

- 4 LEDs

- 2 LDRs

- 11 cables

- 4 x 220 Resistors

- 2 x 10k Resistors

Step 1: Preparing the Arduino.

Here you see an image of the installation. The file with the code is also included here.

Step 2: Creating the House.

I used hard cardboard for the house. I started by measuring the arduino, so that there is enough space in the house. Then I put the front of the house together. You can make the front as you want, but it is essential that there are windows to eventually put the LDRs in front of it.

Now the roof is coming. I glued this together with different parts (see the pictures above).

Step 3: Coloring the House.

We are now halfway. The other part will be coloring the house and making the firefighter (this can ofcourse be something else). I used tissue paper for the windows. Coloring the house I did with markers (Promarkers). Make sure that the surface of the firefighter is large enough to create a shadow when the firefighter stands before the LDR.

Step 4: Fireman Movement

Lastly, you need something to move the firefighter. What I used is an elastic band that goes around two copper wheels. The copper wheels can be screwed on a wooden base.

Step 5: Bringing the Parts Together

And there you go!

Above you see the final product. You can adjust the light sensitivity in the code to the light at your location (under ldrstatus2).