Arduino Humanoid Robot -cancer Ms

Introduction: Arduino Humanoid Robot -cancer Ms

Project: Cancer ms

Type: mini size humanoid robot

Height: 17cm

Weight: 450g+-

Dof: 16

Price: RM210 - 260 (USD50 - 65)

Components : , esp32 dev board(doit) x1=RM22.9, 7.4v 450mah 25c lipo x1=RM21.4,charger x1=RM16, jst plug(depends on battery) x1=RM1,mini 360 voltage regulator x4=RM26.5, micro switch x1=RM1(estimate), m2 v =RM10(estimate), petg filament=RM10(estimate) ,Total RM108. 8

Robot price without controller (estimate) :

Mg90s version : RM108.8 + RM102 = RM210.8 = USD 50.59

Sg92r version : RM108 + RM146.9 =RM255. 7 = USD 61.37

Controller : esp32, 1602a LCD, push button switch, KCD1-101 switch 21*15mm, potentiometer X 2, voltage regulator, llpo 7.4v battery or standard 9v battery.

Controller estimate price : RM 80 (USD 19.2)

Step 1: Download 3d Files At

Step 2: Robot Assembly

Step 3: Robot Circuits Diagram

Step 4: Install Esp32 Servo Library

Step 5: Robot Calibration

Step 6: Robot Controller Circuits Diagram

Step 7: Uploading Code

Step 8: More Action

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