Introduction: Arduino IR Remote Receiver

I have been successful in programming my Arduino to identify sets of digits transmitted from my  IR remote.
With this program you can control 4 LEDs over a IR Remote.

Step 1: Parts

You will need:

- A TV  IR Remote (I used one from samsung)
- 4 LEDs or more
-  A IR Receiver (TSOP4838, or a similar)
- any Arduino

Step 2: Building

Connect The LEDs and the Reciver like in the picture


LED1 = Pin D4
LED2 = Pin D5
LED3 = Pin D6
LED4 = Pin D7


Pin1 = Pin D19
Pin2 = Gnd
Pin3 = 5v

If you don`t use the Arduino Mega: Use an Digital Pin and write the Pin into the Code.

Step 3: The Code

Unzip "" and put it to -> documents -> arduino -> liabraries...
Restart arduino...
Then unzip "IR-Reciver.rar" and open it with Arduino.

You are Ready to go !!!

Step 4: Finishing

LED1 = Reverse Button
LED2 = Forward Button
LED3 = Play Button
LED4 = Pause Button

If you press one of the Button, the LED will light up.
And if you press the "Stop Button" they will go out.

Sorry for the watermark, I will replace the video soon.
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