Introduction: Arduino (Increase Power Port Pins)

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Hello friends,

This instructable is show you how to increase the number of power port in arduino board. In arduino micro-controller we have only few pins for power. For example we have only 1 port for 5V power supply in arduino uno r3. When we require many 5V port than we connect so many jumper wire and use breadboard. As a result the wires are look like a net of wire. If we connect a wrong connection of wire. Then find out a wrong wire connection is quite difficult. To overcome these types of problems follow this instructable.

Step 1: Parts Required

  1. Arduino uno
  2. Female Header
  3. Soldring iron
  4. Wire etc.

Step 2: Cutting

Now take a Female Header and cut it as much you required. In my case I cut 10 port of Female Header. In arduino have required only 2 pins, so cut all extra pins. And then a 2 pin Female Header port cut for arduino 5V and GND as shown in above image.

Step 3:

You can use simple wire for connect to each other. solder 2 side of Female Header (Left side & Right side). Now solder it. as shown in above image.

Step 4: Attached

Now attached the 2 pin Female Header on the arduino. first pin is connect to 5V and other pin is connect to GND of arduino as shown in above image.

Step 5: Finish

In the last step you connect the 10 pin Female Header on 2 pin Female Header.

The process is complete.

Now Enjoy it.

Thank you for reading.

Step 6: Video