Arduino Internet Controlled Led's

Introduction: Arduino Internet Controlled Led's

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In this project i'm going to control led's trough a webpages. You can open your browser and control the led's.

The code provided when uploaded and connected to the internet it creates a webserver in your LAN and you simply use the IP to access that webserver through your browser. After that it shows a webpage similar to that one below. When you press the button “Turn On LED” your url will change to: “” the arduino will read that information and It turns the LED On.
By default the IP is “”. That also can be found on the arduino code provided.

Step 1: You Can Watch the Video!

You can watch this video or you can skip this video and go to step 2.

Step 2: Hardware

plug in the ethernet shield into your arduino. Connect your led's to digital pin 6. Make sure you use a resistor if you need one.

Step 3: Code

Upload the code. the files are here

Step 4: The Internet Page

When you have pluged in your Arduino you need to go to the page were you can control the led's. type in your webpage the folowing link: if this one is not working you can go to the serial monitor of your arduino. There you can read your adress.

Step 5: TechMaker

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    Looks good! Thanks for sharing your project.


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    Thank you!