Introduction: Arduino K/D Counter

In this project, we are going to make a Kill/Death counter for the die-hard shooter gamers.

You can press one of the buttons to add one kill or death, wich displays on a LCD.

This project gets updated frequently, so keep looking here if there are changes

Step 1: The Needed Parts:

For this project you need:

  • An Arduino Uno
  • A breadboard (a big size is recommended)
  • Jumperwires
  • A 20*4 or 16*2 LCD
  • 5 pushbuttons (when possible multiple colors)
  • 2 10Kpotentiometers
  • A PC or Mac
  • (The latest) Arduino IDE

Step 2: Connecting the LCD

For this project, you can use LCDs of different sizes, I use a 20*4 LCD.

  • VSS to GND
  • VDD to +5V
  • V0 to middle leg of a potentiometer
  • RS to digital pin 7
  • RW to GND
  • E to digital pin 6
  • D0 is not used
  • D1 is not used
  • D2 is not used
  • D3 is not used
  • D4 to digital pin 5
  • D5 to digital pin 4
  • D6 to digital pin 3
  • D7 to digital pin 2
  • A to +5V
  • K to middle leg of the second potentiometer

The connections are the same for all LCD displays.

Step 3: Connecting the Buttons

For the counter we use 5 buttons in diffrent colors

  • Green for kill+
  • Red for death+
  • Blue for Rounds played+
  • Yellow for Flags captured
  • A regular pushbutton for reset, or choose a color by yourself.

Wiring of the buttons: See images

Step 4: The Sketch

The sketches are in two diffrent types, the ones with serial monitor included, and the ones without.

With the sketch witch have the monitor included shows the status on your desktop or laptop monitor via de serial monitor function.

The sketches _**x*.ino are the normal sketches;

The sketches _**x*_serial.ino are the sketches with the serial monitor included.

**If you see/find errors, please report those**

Step 5: The End

Now you made this project, you can keep an easy track of your kills, deaths, rounds played or your captured flags.

I'm would be happy if you leave a comment about how you think over this project, and if you see mistakes please report them!

Have fun with this project!

// Made by DouweKooi

// Last update: 23-11-2015

// Project: Arduino K/D counter