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Introduction: Arduino KickStarter Bell

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This is a modification of Arduino XMAS Hitcounter and a page crawler was added. By using this project, you can be notified by the bell ring whenever the pledged amount is changed. I hope this is helpful and enjoy!

arduino code : serial_python.ino

crawler code : (download python development SDK)

developer : Ted Lien



Step 1: Preparation

1. lighter

2. acrylic (roughly 15cmx7cm, thickness:3mm, any shape would work)

3. bell

4. SG90 servo

5. Arduino Uno R3

Step 2: Bend the Acrylic

Bend the acrylic with lighter

Step 3: Assembling

1. connect Servo to pin 14 of Arduino

2. attach bell to the servo

3. assemble as long as the servo is free to rotate

Step 4: Python Code

A page crawler code is added. You can download the source code at the introduction page. You would have to change the URL to your KS project link.

Step 5: Arduino Code

The main loop of Arduino is to monitor any byte from serial port. If any, ring the bell.

Step 6: Proof of Test

The code is tested with the real world. I hope this help and enjoy.

Ted Lien

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    Maker Saga
    Maker Saga

    4 years ago


    I get "Error in pageCrawler result=data[0].text Index Error: List index out of range.

    Maker Saga
    Maker Saga

    Reply 4 years ago

    I figured it out. It should instead be: "green-700 inline-block js-usd_pledged medium type-16 type-24-md"


    Reply 4 years ago

    Cool and thanks for the update!