Introduction: Arduino + LCD Based IR Decoder

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In this project, I used an Arduino to display the HEX code of remote controllers. The signal is received through a TSOP4838 IR receiver, the blue LED signals that the key is pressed and the signal is received. Then Arduino decodes it and sends it to the Hitachi based 44780 display. I did not write any code from scratch. I basically merged Arduino's example for LCD and IR receiver. Instead of sending the HEX code to the serial port, in this work, the HEX code is sent to the LCD. Here is the Arduino code:


VISHAY , Infrared Receiver, Remote Control, 38 kHz, TSOP4838

Arduino (Uno or Duemilanove)

Standard LCD 16x2

Blue LED

Wires and a few resistors

A breadboard potentiometer to adjust the contrast of the LCD. (5 or 10k).

Step 1: TinkerCAD Simulation Link

Check in TinkerCAD, where it is publicly available.