Introduction: Arduino LED Chaser

This is a tutorial to make a basic Arduino LED ‘Chaser’ It is pretty straight-forward and quite satisfying once you have made it.


  • 12 x LED
  • 12 x Resistor (330 Ohm)
  • Lots of wires!
  • Breadboard
  • Arduino - Doesn’t really matter which one is used, I used the Arduino Uno

*Link to video: *

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

Step 2: Code

Step 3: A Lantern Fish Tattoo?

Combining circuitry and tattoo, anyone can design their own unique and eye-catching tattoo. The whole tattoo includes 3 parts: A power unit, a LED and the circiuit. The power unit and the LED are put on underneath the skin body piercings while the tattoo is used as the circuit, lighting up the LED. This idea is potentially to be customizable with apps so that everyone's' tattoo is unique!

Step 4: