Introduction: Arduino LED Figurine Stand

In this tutorial, I will walk you through a simple step by step guide of how to make a LED figurine stand out of corrugated boards and an Arduino module to control the lights. It is really simple and easy and it has great effects when it is done, especially in the dark.



Corrugated boards


LED lights (colors are optional)

Figurine or display model

Arduino module

Resistors 10K

(note the number of LED Lights and Resistors are the same)


Hot glue gun or glue


Printed background



Step 1: Preparation

After getting all the material, the first thing to do is to determine the size of the figurine. The size of the figurine will help determine the amount of corrugated board and the lengths of the wires. After finding out the size of the figurine and model. create a box made out of corrugated boards with the color of your choice. Then choose where the placements of the lights will go and drill the holes for the LED lights to go in.

Step 2: Installation

After the inital planning of all the measurements and where everything will go, stick the Arduino module and the breadboard onto the box and start inserting the LED lights in the holes. After inserting the LED lights into the holes, add some glue or hot glue to make the LED stick on the surface. Then simply solder or connect all the wires to the LED lights and connect the resistors onto either the positive or the negative end of the LED lights. Then insert one end into a D pin and the other end into a power source of their respective positivity.

Step 3: Code

The third step is the code. The code is the heart of the project and the code will control the lights and make the display NEXT LEVEL. The code here is really easy and I have made annotations that will allow anyone to change the code for their own usage.

Step 4: Add Effects

After adding the code, everything is basically done and all you need to do to bring the project to the next level is to add some creativity. I've added a background and some purple clay on the ground to make it more appealing. I also blocked all the wires from sight to make the whole display better.

Step 5: Finished

All done, you can check the video I made of my project and see the results!!