Arduino + LEGO Rotating Castle



Introduction: Arduino + LEGO Rotating Castle

In this project a LEGO castle is rotating, the direction and speed of rotation are controlled by a touch sensor. The sensor and the servo are handled by an Arduino board. Perfect project for girls.

Step 1: Collect All Component

1 pcs. TTP224 4- Channel Digital Touch Sensor Module Capacitive Touch Switch Button

1 pcs. Improved Funduino Mega 2560 R3 Module (Compatible w/ Official Arduino Mega 2560 R3)

1 pcs. TowerPro SG90 9G Mini Servo

1 pcs Breadboard Jumper Cable Wires for Electronic

1 pc Breadboard

1 pc 5V Power bank

general LEGO bricks and figures

Double Sided Tape

Step 2: Mechanical Parts

Build the castle, and a holder for the servo using LEGO bricks

Tape the servo to the bottom of the castle.

Step 3: Electrical Connections

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Make all the connection according to attached schematic.

Upload the attached software to the Arduino board.

Play and enjoy.:)

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