Introduction: Arduino Led Blinking

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In this instructable, I am going to show you how to make a led bliking program in Arduino. Blinking led is the most basic project of Arduino Program, where we will use Arduino to turn on and off a led with 1 second delay between each blink.

This may seem very easy, but in fact this is the most important idea which is used in many comoplex programs

Step 1: Requirements

In this project you will require the following material:

  1. 1x - Breadboard
  2. 1x - USB cable (to connect arduino board and computer, usually come with arduino board)
  3. 2x - Jumper wire, male to male
  4. 1x - Arduino board (i used UNO but you may use any other versions)
  5. 1x - Led
  6. 1x - 100 ohm resistor (you may also use 330 ohm or 1k resistor)

Step 2: Hardware Connection

  1. Take a breadboard and a led, and place led on the board with the cathode (usually the one with shorter leg) to the upper horizontal row and other end to below vertical column
  2. connect one end of resistor to the same column where the anode of the led is connected and other end of resistor to next vertical columns as shown in figure
  3. take another jumper wire and connect it to the free end of resistor and other end to the pin8 of the arduin
  4. connect one end of the USB cable to Arduino board and other end to PC USB port

Now the hardware connection is done. Time to go for software program

Step 3: Software Programming

  1. Open up Arduino IDE from your PC(if it is not installed you can dowload the software from
  2. I have attached the arduino file, open it.
  3. connect you arduino USB cable to PC USB port if not already connected.
  4. Check for your device, by clicking on Tools and check if the board selected is the one you have connected and also the selected Port is the one where you have connected your Arduino which is indicated by the Arduino name in bracket along with port number as in my case com3 (Arduino UNO)
  5. Now press the upload button indicated by right arrow on the top left side

Now you code is upload and the led should start blinking.

Congrats!!! you have now completed you led blink project.

Hope you enjoyed the instructable