Introduction: Arduino Led Matrix Connection With Utsource

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An LED matrix or LED display is a large, low-resolution form of dot-matrix display,
useful both for industrial and commercial information displays as well as for hobbyist human–machine interfaces. It consists of a 2-D diode matrix with their cathodes joined in rows and their anodes joined in columns (or vice versa). By controlling the flow of electricity through each row and column pair it is possible to control each LED individually .

Step 1: Parts .......




Step 2: Wiring ....

Connect The Jumpers To The Led Matrix ..

Step 3:

Connect Led Matrix VCC To Arduino 5V Pin ..

Step 4:

Connect Led Matrix GND To Arduino GND Pin ...

Step 5:

Connect Led Matrix DIN To Arduino 12 Pin ...

Step 6:

Connect Led Matrix CS To Arduino 11 Pin ...

Step 7:

Connect Led Matrix CLK To Arduino 10 Pin ...

Step 8: SCHEMATICS ...

Step 9: More Info ....

Arduino Main Software :--


Code :--


Library :--


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Arduino Uno :--

Led Matrix 8*8 :--

Male - Female Jumpers :--

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